How does the Birkenstock brand size?

How to choose the right size?

To find your size for your Birkenstocks without a pedimeter, simply take two sheets of A4 paper, a pen and a ruler. Place your feet on the leaves, heels against a wall. To determine the width, make a mark on the left and right. The width of the sole of your foot, that is, the widest part just before the start of your toes, should fit comfortably within the widest part of the shoe.

Then to measure the length, make a mark in front of the longest toe. Next, measure the distance from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe. Add 10mm to the length of your foot to give it room to move. This will give you the footbed length you need to find your size.

If you find the right size, Birkenstock shoes can be incredibly comfortable and supportive.

How to find the perfect fit for your Birkenstocks?

Most styles run true to size. The Gizeh or Mayari models tend to be narrower than the others, so you may be used to these sizes. Remember, you want some room to allow your foot to move. The insole should fit your foot, but not be tight. Most people have a normal adjustment. Only, if your foot moves to one side or the other when you walk and adjusting the strap doesn't help, that's when you'll opt for a narrow fit.

Sandals are supposed to hold your foot in place and prevent any slipping. The molded sole and strap should support your foot as if you were wearing closed shoes. To make sure they fit you properly, stand in the sandals with the straps undone. Make sure your toes aren't overlapping or rubbing, then tie the sandal straps accordingly.

How to find good shoes?

Classic, comfortable and fashionable, shoes Birkenstock perform many functions. They protect our feet and cushion our body weight. Birkenstock creates timeless sandals that have combined comfort and fashion, to become an essential shoe in the wardrobe of every man, woman and child. Trendy, don't hesitate to integrate them with style into your summer looks, jeans, printed skirts or even shorts. Their strong points, they can make our feet comfortable or fashionable, hopefully both!

Why choose Birkenstock shoes?

In the Birkenstock range, the iconic sole is relatively hard compared to other brands. The standard sole, although a little firm, has features that help support and hold your foot. The deep heel supports your feet as if they were in a closed shoe. Arch support provides stability with every step. The toe grip is one of the most recognizable features of Birkenstock sandals. It supports the natural stance and rolling movement of the toes to keep them loose and spread.

The sole softens and molds to your foot over time. Those loyal to the BIrkenstock brand will tell you that it is worth it and that a bed made entirely of Birkenstock is incomparable for the comfort of your feet.

Are Birkenstocks unisex?

Most Birkenstock sandals and mules are unisex, for example the classic Sydney or Arizona models in black leather closed with two adjustable straps for men and women. However, the Gizeh model is a style of sandals for women.

How to find the right Birkenstock size?

To find the right size, measure your feet. Be sure to measure your feet often, as your foot size can change over time. Don't be fooled by the fact that you wore a certain size.

Don't just rely on shoe size. Just like clothing, the size indicated inside the shoe may be different depending on the brand. Your size is therefore only a starting point for choosing the pair of shoes.

Size correspondences : Advice on Birkenstock sizes

Size guide - Birkenstock shoes - Women

Measure US US UK Foot length (cm) Foot width (cm)
Shoe size 35 6-6.5 2.5 21.6-22 8.1-8.4
36 7-7.5 3.5 22.1-22.6 8.3-8.6
37 8-8.5 4.5 22.7-23.2 8.4-8.9
38 9-9.5 5 23.3-24 8.6-9.1
39 10-10.5 5.5 24.1-24.5 8.8-9.3
40 11-11.5 7 24.6-25.2 9-9.5
41 12-12.5 7.5 25.3-26 9.1-9.6
42 13-13.5 8 26.1-26.5 9.3-9.7
43 14-14.5 9 26.6-27.2 9.5-10

Size guide - Birkenstock shoes - Men

Measure US US UK Foot length (cm) Foot width (cm)
Shoe size 39 6-6.5 5.5 24.1-24.5 8.8-9.3
40 7-7.5 7 24.6-25.2 9-9.5
41 8-8.5 7.5 25.3-26 9.1-9.6
42 9-9.5 8 26.1-26.5 9.3-9.7
43 10-10.5 9 26.6-27.2 9.5-10
44 11-11.5 9.5 27.3-28 9.7-10.2
45 12-12.5 10.5 28.1-28.7 9.9-10.4
46 13-13.5 11.5 28.8-29.5 10.1-10.6

Size guide - Birkenstock shoes - Child

Measure US US UK Foot length (cm) Foot width (cm)
Shoe size 24 6-6.5 7 14.4-14.9 5.9-6.2
25 7-7.5 8 15-15.8 6.1-6.4
26 8-8.5 8.5 15.9-16.2 6.3-6.6
27 9-9.5 9 16.3-16.9 6.5-6.8
28 10-10.5 10 17-17.7 6.7-7
29 11-11.5 11 17.8-18.2 6.9-7.2
30 12-12.5 11.5 18.3-18.8 7.1-7.4
31 13-13.5 13 18.9-19.5 7.3-7.6
32 1-1.5 13.5 19.6-20.2 7.5-7.8
33 2-2.5 1 20.3-20.7 7.7-8
34 3-3.5 2 20.8-21.5 7.9-8.2